Children’s Ministry

The goal of Turlock Covenant Church’s Children’s ministry is that all children have the opportunity to learn about and experience God’s love through the church’s ministry and its people.  The stories of the Bible are the focus of the education program as they are the foundation of the Christian faith. We will teach the great stories of the Bible and their practical application.  Children will also have opportunities to engage in worship through prayer, the reading of scripture and the giving of offerings. This worship will be both in conjunction with the adult worship in the sanctuary and separate from it.

We also will offer children opportunities to show love by doing service for others, as appropriate for their age levels.

In addition we will teach about missions and God’s work in other parts of the world.

Believing that the Christian home is the primary setting for educating children in the faith, the church commits to training, encouraging, and supporting parents of children.

Since we believe that, as children grow older, a Christian camp can have a profound effect on a child’s development, the church commits to helping families send their children to Christian camp.

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